heartless romantic
::wedge interview::

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Here is a transcription of an interview done for The Wedge on Much Music, which was hosted by Sook-Yin Lee [who's since left MM]. During one of my insomniac nights, I decided to go through the whole thing and transcribe it! Enjoy.

Sook-Yin's questions/comments are in red,

Murray's dialogue is in white,

Jonathan's dialogue is in yellow

and Natalia's dialogue is in pink.

Sook-Yin: "And we're in the Cigar Lounge at the Windsor Arms hotel uh with uh- at the far level it's Brigitte, Martin, George, Natalia, Murray and Jonathan - collectively known as The Dears."

[End of a Hollywood Bedtime Story video clip]

Sook-Yin: "So you have the new album uh Orchestral Pop Noir Romantique -was wondering how that is uh an appropriate definition of your music.."

Murray: "The music is heavily based on romanticism except it's got a dark air to it.. but at the same time it's still pop-based and heavily orchestrated. How's that?"

[Lee's Palace footage of There Is No Such Thing As Love]

Sook-Yin: "At the tail end of uh End of a Hollywood Bedtime Story uh one of your proclaimations was uh 'There is no such thing as love'" [*band laughs*] "Umm.. do you still feel that way now?"

Murray: "Umm.." [*clears throat*]

Jonathan: "(should be) there is no such thing as happy love.."

Murray: "I don't necessarily believe that there's no such thing as love because I love a lot of people.. My band-mates.."

Natalia: "You don't have to say that.. (we know).."

[Heartless Romantic video clip]

Sook-Yin: "What is it that you want to create and how is it that you are all in the same kind of way of thinking so that you can come together and make the music and make it fit?"

Jonathan: "It's like a relay team, track and field, working towards one goal. And we all have our own trek but we're all running in the same direction and uh we just all love to play music and we all love to put on- uh we like to bombarde people when we play." [*band laughs*] "We want it to be like a sort of wrecking ball."

Sook-Yin: "Why do you wanna create the sort of volatile wrecking ball live performance?"

Murray: "Because it's all or nothing, really.. You know? I mean why bother is you're just gonna half-way it, you know? And like [*clears throat*].. You know what I mean? Like.. there's no point."

Natalia: "It's like what's the point of reading a book if you stop at the middle? (how does it end? you don't know..)."

Murray: "Yeah.. you know? You might as well just see it all the way through."

Jonathan: "Or watch the movie.." [*band laughs*]

Natalia: "..or wait for the movie."

[Lee's Palace footage]

Jonathan: "We played this one show uh a couple of months- a few months ago in London, Ontario and uh by the end of the show Murray had played his guitar so hard that he'd like.. (what- ..)"

Murray: "I ripped my nail.."

Jonathan: "..ripped his nail and his guitar was just full of blood and his pants were full of blood and the audience was just like *imitates the audience staring in awe* [*band laughs*] Just couldn't believe.."

[Sook-Yin says something I can't quite make out..]

Jonathan: "..they were just like 'So that's part of the show..' -but it's not part of the show it's just something that happens because we kind of uh get into the moment."

Murray: "You know sometimes you have to break things to make things. So umm.. -which is the name of our next album.. *laughs* I'm joking.."

[This is a Broadcast video clip]

Sook-Yin: "..lot of fantastic bands to come from Montreal." [video clips of Caffeine, Bran Van 3000 and Kid Koala] "Do you notice anything- things culturally different- like the way people relate to each other between say Toronto and Montreal?"

Murray: *sighs* "Uh well put it this way: I see the audiences that we play for here and I see the audiences that we play for in Montreal and um it's not that much difference except here it seems that people are just way into it.. And in Montreal it's sort of like they're into it but they're like this *folds arms across chest* 'Man, that's really amazing.. That is really amazing.' That's it. Here it's like 'Wow, it's amazing!'." *waves arms in the air*

Jonathan: "It's all about being indifferent in Montreal.."

Murray: "Yeah.. yeah."

Jonathan [*expressionless*]: "That was a really great show."

[This is a Broadcast video clip]

Murray: "There's so much out there that's being force-fed to the kids and unfortunately, you know, because they're not presented with an alternative umm most of the time.. properly.. umm they're stuck just, you know, looking at somebody and saying 'Oh you got that Limp Bizkit album.. Maybe I'll buy it too.' and then it just spreads like a disease."

[Lee's Palace footage of There Is No Such Thing As Love]

Jonathan: "I personally don't even really listen to what The Dears- the kind of music that The Dears perform or do.. I'm like late- of late just uh more off-the-wall, like almost com- comedic music. Uh I like to be- I like to laugh when I listen to music basically so I mean- I definitely see the value of uh, you know, the comedy of music.. It's comedic-"

Murray: "I write the songs that make the make the honey's go wild.." [*band laughs*]

[Lee's Palace footage]

Murray: "The thing about us putting on this show is that it's actually real.. because- we're not like pretending.. There's no pretense at all even though people like to say 'Oh they're so pretentious'.. *laughs* "But there's no pretending at all, you know, I mean it's the real thing.."

[Lee's Palace footage of End of a Hollywood Bedtime Story]

Sook-Yin: "Murray, you've been refered to as 'The Black Morrissey'.."

Murray: "I'm gonna get that guy.. *laughs* One of these days.." [*band laughs*]

Sook-Yin: "yeah- what do you think of that?"

Murray: "I don't care, I mean umm.."

Sook-Yin: "Is there an ounce of truth in that description?"

Murray: "Well whatever, I mean I'm black, so.." [*band laughs*]

Sook-Yin [*with mock-surprise*]: "You are? My god, that's true!"

Murray: "Last time I checked.."

Jonathan: "Murray to me is not even black- he's blue.. He's Papa Smurf. [*everyone laughs*] "He's like the guy who takes care of it, you know?"

[Lee's Palace footage of End of a Hollywood Bedtime Story]

Jonathan: "Our agenda is to give those people something to listen to that has quality but do it in the same way that say, you know, Sugar Jones or Brittney Spears would be presented to- like prolifically. We want to do it in a large way, in a media-oriented way. Uh, that it'll be big.. but it'll be good."

Sook-Yin: "Do you think the mainstream is ready for that?"

Murray: *sighs* "Umm that's their problem, you know? Umm we're ready to give it to them."

[Lee's Palace footage of This is a Broadcast, followed by End of a Hollywood Bedtime Story video]